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Martingale dog collar Collection Jade

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Semi-expandable dog collar Martingale Collection Obodog is a safe and comfortable collar that adapts to the size of the dog and prevents him from slipping his head. It is made from quality materials and has a stylish design that fits any occasion.

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The special design with a semi-retractable mechanism ensures that the collar adapts to the size of the dog and prevents him from slipping his head. This means that the dog cannot slip out of the collar and keeps itself safe. This type of collar is suitable for dogs with sensitive necks as it does not put pressure on the dog's neck.
For the production of collars we use high quality recyclable material and welded fittings, which are made of metal alloy and during the galvanization process are covered with a coating that in addition to the beautiful effect also protects against corrosion. We test all our products under different conditions because we want our products to be reliable and safe for you and your dog. Remember, however, that with heavy use (especially frequent mechanical friction) the coating may lose its shine and become slightly scratched or worn over time.

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